About Us

AGRITOURISM is a unique experience that combines traditional agriculture with tourism. In Georgia, agriculture and tourism are our state’s top two economic generators. The combination of the two promotes all areas of Georgia, rural and urban, and encourages tourists to explore Georgia's farms and agribusinesses.

For several years (2006-2018), the Georgia Agritourism Association represented: growing rapidly and looking for new opportunities to serve its customers. In February 2018, GAA's Board of Directors voted that membership be transitioned their membership to Georgia Grown membership, in efforts to streamline our member's involvement with ag-related organizations, be financially responsible with our membership dues and to find a group with the ability to market our members.

Thank YOU for being a supporter of agritourism in Georgia. We invite you to consider becoming a Georgia Grown member. Questions? Please do not hesitate to contact  Cheryl Smith.

Definition of Agritourism in Georgia:

Agritourism is operators, managers, landowners, landlords and tenants in shared tenancies, who is a producer of an agricultural commodity(s) and allow the public to visit the working agricultural operation for the purposes of experiencing, including but not limited to, education, entertainment, relaxation, hospitality, shopping and dining.