Promotion Committee

Goals of the Promotion Committee:

  • Member Highlight

  • Feature new member each month on website

  • Social Media

  • Club/school programs

  • Member signage

  • Find a niche. Don't reinvent the wheel; use others.

  • Piggyback everything. You can't promote if you don't do it.

  • Map/App

  • Contact TV, Newspaper (AJC), GFB, etc. to see if they will do a piece about our organization.

  • Legitimize the GAA in the people's minds credibility

  • Develop promotional programs and unite operators (signs, magazines, cookbooks, etc.)

  • Fieldtrips and events

  • Have GAA membership and GAA Agritourism sign placements be the same "Statewide Tour"

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Suggestions or questions for our Promotion committee?
Email them at [email protected]