Best Industry Practices

The Georgia Agritourism Association and its Board of Directors is proud to provide relevant tools to GAA members for the purpose of creating Best Industry Practices.  The following are resources GAA members have indicated are needs for their operations. If there are tools or areas where you, your operation, or your staff could use help or resources, please let us know by emailing [email protected] or reaching out to anyone on our Board of Directors.


Customer Service Webinar Series and Training Manual:

Customer service is an abstract concept. There is no doubt the agritourism farm is the attraction, but the constant interactions had between the customers and the operators, operator family members, and general employees have the ability to make or break the trip for customers. Creating an atmosphere of high responsiveness to customers, courtesy, as well as an eye for potential issues begins with the owners, operators, and managers living it out in front of employees and the customers. This webinar series is geared toward owners, operators, managers and employees to create a foundational knowledge, enhance or begin conversations and trainings, as well as keep key customer service concepts fresh on everyone’s mind. 

In addition to these webinars, GAA is providing a Customer Service Training Manual. This manual can be used to reinforce the topics covered in this webinar series or used as a standalone resource.  Additional tools, examples, and photos from agritourism operations around the state are included in the manual to demonstrate customer service concepts. This manual can be used to help begin a customer service program or potentially enhance an existing program. 

MANUAL: Georgia Agritourism Association Customer Service Training Manual
To access the manual and toolkit, click HERE.

Creating an Excellent Customer Experience
To access the recorded webinar, click HERE.

The Right People – Your Most Important Asset 
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Keeping Visitors Safe on the Farm
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