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5 Tax Related Items You Don't Want to Forget

Agritourism operators are some of the most entrepreneurial, brain-storming business leaders in creation. You have
land, a tractor, an imagination the size of Texas, and since most of you only require 3-4 hours of sleep you find a few minutes in the wee hours of the morning to brainstorm. Over the couple of “winter-ish” months we experience in the South many of you may have added different components to your farm, added food retail, or expanded your operation as a whole.

Now spring is in the air, people are flocking to farms and festivals abound. With all the hustle and bustle of the new season, it can be easy to forget the regulatory guidelines all agritourism operations should follow. The following are five reminders of tax regulations for your agritourism operation... View the entire story

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WE NEED YOUR INPUT: Customer Service Survey

GAA will be providing a series of customer service training videos as well as a customer service manual templates. Please answer the following questions to help us select our topics. Take Survey Here.

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Bagwell Family

"The Bagwell Family Serving Farm Families"

Bagwell Insurance Group is proud to partner with the Georgia Agritourism Association.  For over 3 decades, Bagwell Insurance has made is a mission to combine expert insurance knowledge with superior customer service.  Although they offer competitive rates and excellent service in personal and commercial insurance, the farm department of this agency has over 70 years of knowledge and experience.  The farm department ... view entire article

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CUVA Update

Dear Georgia Agritourism Association Industry Friends, 

The Georgia Agribusiness Council is proud of our partnership with allies in agritourism. Now that the 2017 legeslative session is complete and Governor Deal has signed bills into law, ... Click to view entire report

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Keeping Your Social Media Image Fresh

Being a business owner means you have to wear many hats: boss, employee, accountant, Human Resources, and perhaps the most important, a marketing expert. In the new digital age, social media has made marketing even easier than ever before and better yet, FREE! The trick for efficient marketing is to create content that your target audience not only finds interesting, but actually encourage engagement. One of the first steps to attracting your ideal client in the 2.5 second scroll on social media is through eye-catching and visually interesting images. View the entire story 

See Sami's PowerPoint from the GA Agritourism Annual Conference!

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Don't Forget The GAA Educational Activity Sheets and Resources

GAA members may download a print-ready, agritourism-specific educational activity sheet to use on your farm for school field trips or ways to enhance a general visit. Insert your logo into the plaeholder to make it customized to your farm.  All activity sheets are based on GA Dept of Education standards and reinforces principles learned on farms. Download one of the five (5) activity sheets today.

  • Pumpkin
  • Apple
  • Strawberry
  • Honey
  • Multiple commodities

Got questions or need help? Contact your GAA Staff today at (706) 845-9085 or

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