WOTUS Regulations Repealed

From our friends at Georgia Agribusiness Council......

The news about U.S. EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt repealing the Waters of the US (WOTUS) rules has been warmly received by agriculture, forestry and property rights enthusiasts. The two-year battle between landowners and the previous EPA administration was emotion-packed, but fell on the deaf ears of EPA leaders. It took President Trump and his new EPA leader to make our voices heard. We appreciate the work of all of the ag and forestry groups in Georgia and across the nation that fought in unity against the new rules. We also thank Growing Georgia for their article heralding the recent announcement.

Click here to read Growing Georgia's "Rescinding the Changes and Lifting the Burden of WOTUS."

As stated in the article, this is an important discussion and should be inclusive of landowners, science and practical application. Any changes to the Clean Water Act and WOTUS should be vetted by Congress, not just by regulators, and accepted or rejected by a vote of our elected leaders. Watch for the new approach to adjusting the Clean Water Act in the months ahead. We thank Administrator Pruitt for "Ditching The Rule!" This time EPA and Congress will listen to all of us.