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At White Oak Pastures , the Harris family takes pride in the land, the animals, and the people in their community. They grow Certified Organic Vegetables and raise 10 different species of animals: grassfed beef, lamb and goat and pastured chickens, turkeys, ducks,  geese,  guineas, hogs and rabbits.  You can find a full section of products in the online store.

White Oak Pastures also offers educational classes to the public, which are geared towards the different enterpriseses present on the farm. Just this year,  classes have ranged from bee keeping to small ruminat management. Tours are also offered, which are great for high school, college, and adult groups.

To create a true destination, White Oak Pastures now offers on-farm lodging. They have a variety of cabins, all offering different sleeping arrangements. Enjoy being secluded in the woods, or on the bank of a 15 acre pond and take advantage of beautiful nature with exploring or guided horseback riding. They also offer an on-farm restaurant, featuring the meats and produce of the farm.  

White Oak Pastures
101 Church St.
Bluffton, GA 39824


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