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Steve, Tim, and Jennifer McMillan understand what it means to be a family farm operation!  Southern Grace Farms is a 7th generation family farm in Berrien County.  Through each generation, they have grown traditional row crops of peanuts and cotton that are still a huge part of their operation today.  After a tobacco buyout, they ventured into U-Pick Strawberries and Blackberries, opened a country store, and became the first commercial blackberry growers in Georgia.  Nineteen years ago, they were ahead of the agritourism trend, but today, with the average community being at least a generation removed from agriculture, people are enjoying visits to the farm and knowing where their food is coming from.  In addition to peanuts, cotton, and corn, they also offer a U-Pick crop of strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, peaches, plums, and nectarines.  They have a country store filled with gifts, homemade ice cream, and gift baskets. They grow a few vegetables to sell in our country store.   With a successful ecommerce department, they sell most store items and have a gift basket business online that ships all over the United States and Canada during the holidays. 

Southern Grace hosts birthday parties, field trips, and farm tours but there are special things that set them apart from other farms.  They have the self proclaimed most unique playground in the south!  This entire playground is made from recycled/homemade materials from things around the farm.  They have re-built and re-located two 100 year old buildings from the farm and use them to host birthday parties. Southern Grace operates a peanut buying point handling 25,000 tons of peanuts each fall.  This makes them unique because they offer a look into the peanut industry that most people don't experience by offering educational farm tours and field trips through the peanut mill.

Jennifer McMillian is part of the youngest generation.  She and her friends grew up working in the tobacco patch. Seeing the current generations of children being so far removed from agriculture made her passionate to want teach her community about where food comes from and as well as the hard work and faith that goes into planting, maintaining, and harvesting.  That is why agritourism is so important to Southern Grace.  “Agritourism is needed in Georgia and all over the US not only to educate the public about where their food comes from but I think it's also important for the people to meet the families behind the farming operation.  To see us as people. There is so much mis-information in the main stream media, not only in general, but specifically concerning agriculture.  GMO's, Organics, Monsanto the Monster...there is an agenda and a movement that can lead people to believe that we are all corporation run operations only concerned with money.  If the media isn't going to correctly spread the truth then it's up to local farmers and the agritourism industry.” – Jennifer McMillan

 Southern Grace Farms
11946 Nashville Enigma Rd
Enigma, GA 31749



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