How to Set Up a Member Profile in the GAA Database

As a member of GAA, you have the opportunity to update your member profile to allow consumers to search for your operation through the online destination planning center as well as keep your contact information current. Below are instructions and tips for a successful membership listing.


Once you have logged in, you will be directed to the member area. 

Membership Information Editor
Here you may make changes to your membership profile such as update your password, add an image, and include a brief description of your operation.

Custom Fields:
In the Custom Fields section, add any activities and/or commodities offered at your agritourism operation. 

This image will show up on your member profile. 

Enter the operation’s description in the “BIOGRAPHY” box. You can also update this from time to time with discount offers or upcoming events. 

The Groups section is another location where commodities and activities can be added. This is the area from which the Map search function pulls information. By adding items in this section, your agritourism operation will show up on the map when a consumer searches for a particular commodity and/or activity. Follow these steps to make sure your farm shows up on the map with everything you have to offer:

  1. Go to Groups and click Edit.
  2. A list of 60 commodities and/or activities common in agritourism will pop up. Choose all that  apply to your location and click Assign.
  3. When you have finished, click Finish. 

Add Additional Employees to your Corporate Membership listing:
All GAA membership are corporate memberships, meaning all employees of the operation can receive membership benefits and communications at no additional charge. We encourage all primary members to list as many additional members as possible to ensure all professionals receive information and invitations to events. Please email their name, position within the organization, and email to Debbie Alexander,

Member Directory
This menu item takes you to the member directory.

Renew Your Membership
In this area you can renew your membership and it informs when your membership expires (always December 31). 

Add a Prospect
If there is someone you feel needs to be a member of GAA, you can fill out this simple form and GAA Staff and/or the Membership Committee will reach out to that agritourism operation. We promise not to become a nuisance. 

View My Order History
In this area you can view all the monetary order activity associated with the member. Here you can easily find receipts for membership, conference registration and other GAA activities. 


If you have any questions about how to set up your member profile, please contact Debbie Alexander at