Georgia Agritourism Association Online Marketing Program Partnership with Georgia Grown


Pumpkins - September 1
Christmas Trees - October 1
The deadline for Corn Mazes has already passed.

Purpose of the Project

The Georgia Agritourism Association has been given the opportunity to work with the Georgia Department of Agriculture’s Georgia Grown marketing program to promote corn mazes, pumpkin patches, and Christmas tree farms in Georgia from September – December 2017 with WSB-TV Channel 2 ATL website, Facebook and Instagram.

Description of the Project

Each commodity/activity (corn mazes, pumpkin patches, and Christmas tree farms) will singularly be marketing during a dedicated period of time. For example, corn mazes could be marketed September 1-30, pumpkin patches could be marketed October 1-31, and Christmas Trees could be marketed November 15-December 22 (these dates are subject to change).

WSB Homepage Take Over

It has been shown most people plan their weekends on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Therefore, during each marketing period, there will be two Thursdays on which the marketing program will “Take Over” the WSB website homepage. There will also be colorful ads strategically placed at the top and sides of the homepage with engaging call to action opportunities such as “Click here to find family fun at a (pumpkin patch) near you”.

Farm Map and Listing

These call to action buttons will take browsers to a dedicated web page showing a map with farm locations as well as all farms for that specific commodity/activity listed and hyperlinked to that farm’s web presence (website, Facebook, etc.).

Native Articles / Advertising

WSB will feature articles on their website focused on 1) tourism and 2) agriculture for each commodity/activity. For example, the tourism focus might be “Pumpkin patches are just the start on Georgia farms” or “5 Creepy ways to visit a Georgia corn maze” while the agriculture focus might be an article focused on the different varieties of Christmas trees. Each of these articles will be engaging, will encourage browsers find a farm near them and to click through to the Farm Map and Listing.

Social Media Plan

WSBTV will target engaged fans on their Facebook and Instragram platforms. Each post or tag will feature a farm and location as well as push people to that farm/location AND to the WSB website’s Farm Map and Listing. The native articles will be promoted through each social media platform as well.


  •  All program participants must agree to the terms and requirements of the program below in order to participate.

  •  Each commodity/activity campaign will be handled as a separate or individual campaign. All participants must agree to and provide information for each of the individual commodities/activities in which they participate. For example, a farm wanting to participate in the corn maze and Christmas tree promotions must fill out two separate forms, agree to the requirements on two separate occasions, and provide information for each of the commodities/activities at the appointed time. Signing up for one commodity/activity campaign does not include a farm in all commodity/activity campaigns.

Requirements to Participate:

  • All participants must be members of the Georgia Agritourism Association

  • All participants must be members of the GA Grown marketing program

  •  All participants must accept, honor, and track a discount coupon.

    • The coupon will carrying the following disclaimers:
      • Present a printed version of this coupon to receive $1 off a $5 or more priced pumpkin at A LIST OF PROGRAM PARTICIPANTS.
      • Coupon valid DATE - DATE (This will be determined from program participants)
      • Coupon must be printed to receive discount. (NOTE:  If someone shows up with coupon on a phone, it will be up to that farm to decide if they allow it or not. We just need you to track the people coming because of this marketing program initiative.)
      • Not valid for group rates or tour groups.
      • Check with individual farms for dates and times of operation. 

All participants must be able to tally and report the total number of discount coupons associated for each individual commodity/activity promotional and share that attendance information with GAA

  •  All participants must have an up to date web presence (website, Facebook, etc.) with basic organizational name, contact and location information, information the commodity/activity promotional program. If an organization does not have a web presence, WSB has a web design and hosting program. The basic one-page website is $1400 for set up and design then $20/month for hosting. Contact Terri Turk Hope at (404) 897-7318 or

  •  All participants are asked to share good, high resolution promotional photos of the farm, farm sign/name, activities, etc.

  •  To help determine the best days for the WSB website take over, we would ask you to provide feedback on the following questions:

    1.  When do you open the (commodity/activity, for example, corn maze)?
    2.  When do you close the (commodity/activity)?
    3.  What are your busiest weekends? We will promote the slower weekends for the majority of participants.

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Please email all questions to Beth or Debbie or call the GA Agritourism Association office at (706) 845-9085.

Beth Oleson                                                    Debbie Alexander