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“Supporting Georgia Agritourism Association is a vital part of our farm and agritourism division at Bagwell Insurance because we celebrate growing Georgia agriculture with families, farm fun and relationships.  This organization combines education, networking, and centuries of knowledge for its members.  Georgia Agritourism Association allows us to meet some of the most humble and talented farmers across the state of Georgia and hear their family story.  As a family business ourselves, we are proud to be part of, and partner with, an organization that promotes the pioneers and future generations of farmers in our great state.”          -Alison Bagwell Smith

As a family owned and operated business, Bagwell Insurance Group understands the importance of family.  The dedication and love for helping others professionally and socially has always been a goal they share.  They also share a love for agriculture.  Whether it be family food crops, meat farms or agriculture tourist attractions, the Bagwell Insurance family celebrates the farmers that keep Georgia growing!  Every farm operation is different and one insurance policy doesn’t always cover all aspects of the business.  Bagwell Insurance recognizes that and not only educates customers but makes it a priority to understand each farm and protect it so future generations can share their family story.   

Bagwell Insurance believes industry knowledge and awareness are pivotal in helping famers succeed in this generation.  Wendell Bagwell and TJ Smith hold Nationwide Agribusiness certifications which makes Bagwell Insurance a Nationwide Elite certified agency.  As the highest certification available, this allows Bagwell Insurance to provide the most beneficial and economic changing information for farmers across the nation.  Together, they hold over 70 years of agribusiness expertise and experience and enjoy working with farmers all over the southeast.  Agritourism has become a specialty line of business.  Wendell and TJ make it a priority to be on the forefront of this incredible industry and want to help guide all operators in how to best protect their family and farm.

Outside of business, Bagwell Insurance Group believes the key to success lies in giving back to others.  They presently serve as Partners in Education to schools in Hall and Forsyth Counties, where they support the staff, help students with internships, and prepare them for success outside of school.  Bagwell Insurance is also active with the Good Samaritan Food Ministries, Hall County Fellowship of Christian Athletes, CASA Forsyth and The Abba House.       

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Wendell Bagwell, President          

TJ Smith, General Manager/Farm/Agritourism Department         

Alison Bagwell Smith, CFO, Marketing